Neha Playways Equipment Pvt. Ltd. We understand the importance of the sports equipment installation environment.

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NEHA PLAYWAYS EQUIPMENTS PRIVATE LIMITED, when established in 2003, was just a vision. It carried an unparalleled focus and desire to serve the global market with highly innovative and modern playground and open gym Equipments. And soon enough, with constant endeavours and a clear objective – which was to bring fun to the doorsteps of a child, this vision grew by leaps and bounds, delivering outstanding performances.

Our tailor-made and user-friendly products and services bring a satisfaction to our customers which is only seen in their smiles and heard in their laughter. We always strive to serve every customer efficiently, exceeding their dynamic and discerning expectations.

With immaculate understanding of growing market trends, we offer our clients with best products at competitive price. We have proudly evolved into a leading manufacturer of a complete range of playground equipment and rotomolded products, and are adapting to the ever-changing requirements of the customer.

With every passing year the company is progressing towards new horizons – we are one of the fastest growing play equipment manufacturing company in India based out of Chandigarh. This evolution is marked with over 35000 square feet of space, with in-house capabilities for production, design, storage and quality checks.

Identifying every need and touching every detail ever since we saw the light of day, we have made rapid progress and transformed ourselves into a trusted and progressive name in the industry.

Therefore, we promise on-time delivery, safety, quality standards, excellent durability and functionality of our products. Our welding, cutting, bending, notching, roto moulding machines – all adhere to international quality standards. Additionally, we also present various creative solutions which enhance not only the aesthetic value of the play Equipments but also ensure better safety and increased durability. Our methods cater to the physical, social and cognitive skills for people of all ages.

Today, our products are widely used by industrial and commercial establishments, residential buildings, corporates, waterparks, farmhouses and numerous end users with optimum satisfaction.

Our Mission is to appropriate all benefits accrued out of usage of play equipment, and thereby, be the first choice in the consumer's mind.
Our Mission
Our Vision is to be the best in the world at creating joyful outdoor experiences and encouraging people to play, learn & exercise today for better tomorrow
Our Vision

Diligent Workforce with the Advanced Production Process

We have got a promising team of professional manufacturers who, using their decades of experience and with an advanced manufacturing process, make sure that the produced product is safe for kids and doesn’t end up breaking into pieces. Our Plant tools and Machinery includes MIG Welding Set, ARC Welding Set, Automatic Hydraulic Cutting Machine/Press, Fully Automatic Pipe Rusting Buffing Plant, Own Powder Coating Plant Size 12.5 X 8.5 X 5.5 feet FRP Moulds of Various Shapes & Sizes, Rib biting Machine Big & Small, Compressors and Grinders.

What Special Do We Have in Our Production Store?

Products that are equipped with qualities such as:

  • Available in umpteen colors
  • No sharp or jagged corners in order to avoid injury
  • Optimum quality
  • Provide them with quality time
  • Available in various shapes and sizes

Categories we deal in:

  • Outdoor Gym Equipments / Gymnastic Equipments
  • Playground Slides manufacturers / Kids Play Equipment’s
  • Fun Play Outdoor Equipments / Amusement rides manufacturers
  • Children Play Ground Equipments / Toddler play equipment
  • Theme Play Equipment / Park play Equipments
  • Climbers / Playground Rockers,
  • Baby Merri go around, / Baby Electric Toy Train,
  • Garden Equipments, / Play Stations
  • Designer Wooden furniture for kids, / School Furniture
  • Abacas / Kids Gym Series
  • Kids Gym Equipments / Kids indoor soft series
  • Glow Sign Boards
  • Multi Play Equipments / Playground Slides,
  • Playground Swings / Playground See-Saw,
  • Dustbins, / Sculptures
  • Cartoon Sculpture / Birds Sculptures
  • Animal Sculptures /Thrillers
  • College Furniture / Garden benches,
  • Swimming Pool, Kids Pool, Splash pool
  • Indoor Rubber Mat / Outdoor Rubber Mat
  • Educational Equipments / Montessori Equipments
  • Outdoor Gym Equipments
  • Bus Shelters